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Founded on state-of-the-art science applied within a commercial context

Located in the heart of Limassol, we are a dynamic start-up specialising in ground-breaking solutions using LiDAR technology. Our creative team leverages the latest available hardware combined with innovative software to deliver highly efficient solutions that unlock the power of Earth Observation technologies for rapid data analytics and decision making.

We created Olyseus in 2018 in recognition of the growing need for new and versatile hardware and software solutions to optimise the process of geospatial data engineering and to eliminate the flaws and bottlenecks that exist in current industry standards.

Olyseus’s advances in Real-time processing of 3D mapping information are producing fast paced and reliable results that are being employed across numerous industries to not only maximise collection accuracy, speed, and precision, but also the efficiency of the entire process, through to the storage, system integration, HP duplication, and processing of Earth Observation data.

We offer unique solutions for problems subject to active global research, including, but not limited to, automated media annotation, autonomous systems, machine learning, measurement uncertainty calculations on user-provided equations, efficient handling of point cloud data, accessible cross-platform user-interfaces, and novel software architecture that provides the modularity necessary for easy integration of a wide range of hardware devices. For example, our innovative multiplatform systems can fit into something as small as a backpack and be used while on the go.

Being in control of our strategic and developmental direction we have not only the experience and creative vision, but also, the necessary independence to push boundaries and be free to prioritise innovation and adaptability in response to rapidly changing markets and technologies. We truly believe that this unique ability allows us to tailor our solutions to meet the specialised application requirements of our diverse clientele in the global market.

On Cyprus, rowing, and business…

Rowing in Cyprus

We based Olyseus in Cyprus, not only for its geographical advantage for both the European, Middle Eastern and Asian Markets, but also, because life on this small island allows us to maintain a good balance between work and our personal life, as well as the opportunity to enjoy an active and outdoors lifestyle. Living five minutes’ walk from the sea in Limassol, we have been fortunate to find a new passion in coastal rowing – a sport that, like our work at Olyseus, involves power, focus, precision, and speed.

It is not surprising that rowing is often used as an analogy for business. Once we became more involved in our training, we realised that the obvious benefits gained from the entire process go far beyond those gained from time spent out on the water. Rowing simultaneously involves both risk and possibility, it encourages you to constantly compete with yourself to do better, it necessitates perfect teamwork and precision, it helps you to focus on creating, refining, and trusting in a common strategy, it pushes you to relentlessly pursue perfection… and, in the end, when you are sat out on your boat on a perfectly still open sea, you really can see the bigger picture. From all the hard work, endless hours of training and blistered hands, you are one step closer to achieving your end goal and genuinely purpose-driven results.

Mission + Values

We believe that companies should actively contribute to the communities in which they are based

For us at Olyseus, social and environmental responsibility is not just a policy to be implemented but a code that we live and work by; one that embodies our vision and values, determines our interaction with our staff, clients, business partners and the communities in which we operate and, promotes a balance between our professional and personal needs. We are committed to protecting the natural world, promoting sustainable development, and minimising our impact on the environment wherever possible.

Rowing in Cyprus

We maintain the highest ethical standards in all our activities and take every effort to abide by the laws and regulatory framework of the countries in which we operate. We recognise the importance of keeping close relationships with our clients, tailoring our solutions to meet the individual needs of each company we collaborate with, and creating reliable deliverables in a timely and professional manner. These standards and our high-quality outputs are our greatest assets, and we work hard to ensure that your trust in us is justified.

Olyseus is a proud Platinum Sponsor for the Blended Development Fund since December 2018 and is also honoured to sponsor the Rowing Department of the Limassol Nautical Club (NOL) since July 2020.

Our People

We are a dynamic team of software professionals, drawn from a variety of disciplines and with a broad range of expertise, specialising in innovative solutions using LiDAR technology.

Adele Hoffert and Antoine Cottin

Adèle Hoffert-Cottin

Office manager and Co-Founder

With her background in law and public administration, in addition to her broad range of expertise gained through various project management roles, Adèle is responsible for the smooth running of Olyseus’ operations. Her extensive office management experience, as well as her wealth of skills acquired while raising three active boys across six countries in three continents, ensure professional, timely and efficient deliverables to our clients.

In balancing her work and family life in Cyprus, Adèle is most likely to be found in the water, being a keen rower and year-round swimmer.

Antoine Cottin


Antoine has been working in the Earth Observation industry for well over a decade and is an expert on full-waveform LiDAR, spatial data analysis and software innovation and design.

Well known within both the bathymetric LiDAR and geospatial communities, Antoine has extensive experience in end-to-end project management and forming strategic industry partnerships. He has a proven record in leading the development of integrated mapping solutions and the design of new software/hardware solutions for geospatial data processing and realtime processing of LiDAR sensors.

Holding a PhD in Earth Sciences from the Institut National de la Researche Scientifique in Canada and an MSc in Paleontological & Sedimentary Environments from the Université Lyon I in France, Antoine is passionate about applying advanced scientific research and developments to new commercial applications.

In his youth, Antoine was a professional diver and his deep attachment to the sea is mirrored in his interest in coastal and environmental mapping and surveillance. He firmly believes in maintaining a successful life balance, by combining work and family commitments with coastal rowing and surfing along with his partner and sons.


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